The Troyer Advantage

Our success is based upon yours. See below for reasons to partner with us.

Our Tenure in the Business: In 1959, Jonas Troyer first began delivering cheese to stores. More than fifty-five years later, we produce and distribute our products to 48 states.

Our Award-Winning Cheese and a Complete Deli Program: We are proud to offer over 100 varieties and flavors of deli and retail cheese, including award-winning, blue-ribbon ďA-GradeĒ cheese. We complement our cheese with a full line of deli meats (over 50 varieties) and deli salads. We also offer ad programs, sandwich programs and merchandising material.

Our Other Brands/Product Lines Compliment the Rest of your Store: Our pride and quality are reflected in our brands: Amish Wedding Foodsí jar goods (jams, jellies, fruit butters, vegetables and fruit), Backroad Country candy and snacks, Troyer roll butter and popcorn, and Edna Lucille soaps and lotions.

Our Commitment to Independent Retailers: We are a family-owned business that sells mostly to family-owned stores. We donít sell to the giant supermarkets, or huge box stores of the world. You will not find our products in every competitorís store in your area.

Our Amish Heritage: Our founder, Jonas Troyer, was raised as an Amish boy in Holmes County, Ohio, the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. Much has been written about the popularity of Amish foods. We offer genuine Amish-made noodles, Amish candy and jar goods, including bread Ďn butter pickles and pickled baby beets, to name a few.

Our Commitment to Quality Foods and Ingredients: On promotional material for Amish Wedding Foods, we invite everyone to take a look at our ingredients... Itís what you DONíT see that proves that these old-fashioned favorites are just naturally good!

Our Commitment to Production: For many of the AWF products we manufacture, from peanut butter to barbeque sauces, we use our own special family recipes. These generations-old Amish recipes are based on simple ingredients. Many of our items are also handmade in small batches to ensure quality. This includes our line of Edna Lucille soaps and lotions.